The tactile sensation of glass

Greg grew up in the era where bored children figured out how to stay busy. The son of a tinkerer, Greg created toys from the scraps of plywood and treasures he found around the house.

His interest in working with glass started more than 30 years ago and has evolved from piecing together stained glass windows to installing kilns in his house and melting pieces of glass into art.

The handmade clock Greg created for the Create for Recovery campaign is made with cut glass and powdered glass melted together to create a solid clock. The colorful stripes were made with powdered glass which solidified when the kiln reached 1400F!

While Greg’s medium is glass, his interest is abandoned buildings and old cars. He’s been known to revisit abandoned buildings, pull over to photograph old cars, and has a series of portraits of abandoned houses, one of which he visited every season to document the house. dressed in snow one season and vines the next.