An artist’s transition from contemporary to impressionism

Artist profile 2016. Stay tuned for 2017.
Ben's briefcaseWhen Ben was younger, he dabbled in the kind of art he learned in school: landscapes and water-scapes he copied from magazines. His paintings were beautiful, but he was never content. There was always another spot to touch up, or another corner to brighten. There was also another city to visit or scene to see; Ben traveled the United States for years, setting down roots in both Arizona and Minnesota. When he started having problems with his gallbladder, he stopped painting altogether.

After recovering from gallbladder surgery, he said his technique changed. He shifted from contemporary landscapes to modern art in the styles of painters he admires: Matisse, Van Gogh, and Seurat– painters renown for their innovative styles. Today, his paintings are bright, bold, and abstract.

Ben 2008
Ben, 2008
Ben, 2016
Ben, 2016









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