Mixed Media

Artist profile 2016. Stay tuned for 2017.


Erin’s favorite art form is writing. Her fifth grade poem about a spider on the deck launched her future as a writer. Her writing and journaling continues, but is evolving. Erin adds words to her paintings, she writes words that form paintings from a distance, and sometimes she leaves the words out of the art and creates artwork about words.

Erin is participating in Create for Recovery for two reasons: art is a coping mechanism for her to maintain her mental health, and she has seen the immediate and outstanding impact art therapy has on clients in Mosaic’s psychiatric rehab programs. She thinks art therapy is generally overlooked as a tool, and hopes campaigns like Create for Recovery help shine a light on the importance of art. Hamsa

Erin is fundraising for team “Mind.Body.Art.” You can support her fundraising effort here: https://www.crowdrise.com/mind-body-art


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