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Artist profile 2016. Stay tuned for 2017.

CindyCindy believes everyone has creativity inside of them, and needs only a little bit of inspiration to draw it out. Cindy’s inspiration was her grandfather who decorated Cindy’s childhood with over-the-top Christmas decorations, much to a child’s delight. A clothing designer and tailor by trade, he taught his grand-daughter enough crafting that she launched a moonlight career as a popular craft blogger in 2012.

Cindy’s “Little Miss Celebration” blog helps her maintain her mental health, especially when she has a tough day at the office, after which her husband will send her to the craft room for some craft rejuvenation.

Cindy was drawn to participate in Create for Recovery because she knows, first hand, people do recover from mental illness. After the birth of her children, Cindy had postpartum depression which developed into major depression. Her unique understanding of what people with major depression experience is the inspiration for the “Hope” book she created for Create for Recovery. The handmade book includes inspirational quotes and affirmations, which she says are sometimes few and far between when we need them the most.

HOPE book HOPE pages IMG_2492


Supporting Mosaic’s art therapy programs is very important to Cindy. Please help her reach her goal here:

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