It’s sew beautiful

Ginny’s Aunt Elizabeth taught her how to embroider when she was eight years old. When she was 18, she made a dress (by hand!) from fabric she found in her mother’s attic. It was a blue cotton fabric with geometric designs on it, and the finished dress was nice enough to wear in public! That small victory launched a lifetime of sewing.

Ginny traded in her mother’s old sewing machine to buy her first Kenmore, then set to work making all of her tennis dresses and cocktail dresses, turning her boss’s collars, and eventually smocking clothes for her young children.

reversible apron’s alternative side matches the farm animals on the casserole carrier

Now retired, Ginny sews for at least a couple of hours each day. Sewing, from aprons and casserole carriers to pillows and pajamas, is her favorite creative outlet. She says she gets great pleasure from giving handmade gifts, like personalized aprons to her large garden club and to the pancake cooking team that feeds the congregation on Shrove Tuesday each year. She posts pics of her projects at