Quilted admiration: the strength of a West African woman

Cindy’s aunt taught her how to crochet when she was a child, but she’d always wanted to make quilts. When the opportunity finally arose to take a quilting class, she and a friend enrolled and a hobby was born. Cindy finds pleasure and comfort in making quilts—it’s a way to unwind after work, and show love to friends and new babies. She prefers to hand-stitch, otherwise she gives credit to a sewing machine (despite the designing, measuring, cutting, and operation of the machine!). When she’s not making gifts for friends near and far, Cindy makes prayer shawls for Franklin Square Hospital.

Quilting is Cindy’s way to unwind after work. When she’s not working, however, she is an adventurer always looking to her next vacation. Heading to Sicily, Italy this summer to witness her best friend’s son graduate from high school, Cindy and her husband will visit the city of Catania — her husband’s ancestral home, to which he’s never been. Anticipating two weeks of Italian wine, olive oil, and adventures, Cindy knows she’ll return ready to plan her next journey.

Cindy created what’s known as an “art quilt” for the Create for Recovery campaign. Using fabric from Ghana and Mali, she collaborated with her husband to showcase the fabric and create a show-stopping quilt that highlights the strength of West African women.