Hope for the Future

For Angie, art and music are her salvation. Angie had to withdrawal from college her junior year, which meant a sudden loss of routine, friendships, and the motivation to succeed. She had envisioned her career as a paralegal, her future husband and their future children, but she was stuck trying to figure out how to envision a new future.

Angie was introduced to meditation music that washed over her in soothing waves. And she found that focusing on making art brought so much joy that it almost allowed her to focus exclusively on positive aspects of her life. Ten years after her sudden life change, she is a regular in art classrooms, because making art helps her maintain her imagination and set new goals, find new friends, and become motivated to achieve new goals.

When she finds time for day trips, Angie loves to visit Lancaster, PA and eat as much shoo-fly pie as possible. Her love for the sugary pie is only partially due to its flavors; she loves that since it’s made without dairy, it’s a fairly shelf-stable pie and is used as a snack, neighborly gift, and bartering tool for Amish farmers.

Angie’s piece “Hope for the Future” is her heartwarming message that “no matter what happens, you can get through it.” The wavy horizontal lines are reminiscent of a roller coaster, where you experience both the ups and downs but keep moving forward. Betwixt the lines are bright colors, representing positivity, sunshine, and happy thoughts, which remind the viewer to think about beautiful things about themselves.