Claire Cropper AKA experiment100b

Claire Cropper

AKA experiment100b

My first artistic medium was creative writing, which led me to an early career in literary publishing, followed by an MA in Psychology and professional work in the analysis of social scientific data. That said, my true vocation in life, all along, has been art, progressing in the literal quality of prose to the expressive space of poetry, then to the intersection of text and images, up to my present-day fascination with the abstract image. In 2009 I dropped my day job and enrolled full-time in Studio Incamminati, a contemporary realist drawing and painting program in Philadelphia where I studied and applied the principles of visual illusion. For the next 2.5 years, I invested all my modest savings and time in its immersive studio. When my savings ran out, I turned to my home studio and self-study of art, applying the principles and skills I learned in the atelier to the more abstract art that I had planned to do from the outset.

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